The forest is a labyrinth, a puzzle. And while its paths are plainly visible, its ways deceptively apparent, its destinations are unknown. Its secrets still secret. And, if we are honest, it is the lure of the forest that draws us to our chosen field to unlock those secrets. Others have been here before us and have left us signs, but we, as explorers of these woods, must devote our lives and energies to going further to tread the unknown corridors in order to find ultimately, the final solution

The forest holds immense knowledge and behind every forest lies an untold story. At The Bison your safari is about trying to unravel these mysteries through exploring the depths of the jungle. It isn’t just about spotting animals, it isn’t about your camera, its about understanding the whole social structure, emotional bondages, secrets, fear and beauty that lies in these woods.

The Area

Karnataka has living species of around 1.20 lakhs, flowering plants 4,500 species, Birds 522 species, mammals 158 species, reptiles 158 species, amphibians 121 species, fish (Marine & Brackish water) 405 species, fish (Fresh water) 218 species, butterflies 300 species, medicinal Plants 1493 species (808 genera & 108 families) 300 species for commercial use.

Of these quite a number can be observed from our campsite and on safari.

The Bison is located in the southern part of Nagarhole National Park on the Kabini backwaters in Karnataka. The area boasts of the highest density in asiatic wildlife and is considered one of the best places in India, if not the world to view the asiatic elephants and gaur. The Tiger population has seen a great rise off late and the area is known for its Leopard density and frequency in Leopard sightings.


At Little Bison we offer you two safaris; The Vehicle Safari and a Boat Safari. Each of them are spectacular and promise you a variety of wildlife.

The vehicle safaris are fabulous as they take you deep into the forest in search of big game. They are great for tracking elephants, dholes and big cats and also get you up close and personal with the forests more common creatures. The motorboat safaris give you a breathtaking perspective of the forest as they take you along the banks of the backwaters. They are great for birdlife, crocodiles, otters, elephants and even big cats at the right time of the year!

At Little Bison we offer you a unique Safari experience where you will explore the forest with our naturalist; Shaaz Jung, also known as ‘The Leopard Man of India’. His cat tracking skills, breathtaking photography and write ups on Leopards and other wildlife, has won him awards and seen his work featured in many magazines, websites and newspapers. His online portfolio and work can be followed at

All safaris happen in shared vehicles.

Wildlife from Camp

The camp is situated in the heart of the man-animal conflict. It very purpose is served in implementing solutions to this conflict. Apart from the movement of the tribal of the area around the lands, a load of wilderness also moves around in and around our premises. Elephants, leopards, wild boar, spotted deer and guar can be seen quite often from the camp itself. If you are lucky, you may even hear tiger roaring into the night and its terror stricken prey sounding their alarm calls.